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GoPro App + Android 8 Wifi disaster



I got myself a new hero 7 black and as well fusion. I have oneplus 5t and on it android 8.1

Through my friends iphone i have updated my hero7 to latest fw 1.51 and gopro app version is 5.0


So i never managed to have this connected to android device (i also tried my tabled which is android 7.1 i think...similarly), i can pair the device alright it will create the bt profile and also wifi network is saved with gopros camera name. But whenver i try to connect in the app to the hero or fusion, the think swirls for few minutes to just come to something went wrong try again...


i tried literally everything in your troubleshooting guide:

reseting the connection in gopro

removing the pairing/networks

reseting the gopro

smartswitch off

provider rating none

reseting the app name it EVERYTHING!!!


What the **bleep** gives???

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Re: GoPro App + Android 8 Wifi disaster

Hello @lacoc3


Sorry to hear about the trouble. Appreciate you providing details on what you have done already for troubleshooting. While you were troubleshooting, have you been able to toggle . between the 2.4GHz and the 5GHz Wi-Fi bands? Please have a go at it and see if connectivity will now be established between the camera and the phone. You can also refer to additional troubleshooting steps here. Let us know how it works out. 



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Re: GoPro App + Android 8 Wifi disaster

thats the ts steps i did in the link you have sent! lol didnt it look familiar?

i guess i tried 2.4 and 5ghz but what difference would it make?

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Re: GoPro App + Android 8 Wifi disaster


Set the camera to 2.4ghz, then select connections/gopro app.

On you android device (assuming you have already paired the bluetooth, if not do that first) connect to the camera over wifi by entering the ssid/passkey shown on the camera.

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Re: GoPro App + Android 8 Wifi disaster

what the duck!!! it has connected to 2.4ghz but not 5ghz!! to copy video takes ages!!!


please can you navigate me to thread here that dealt with this issue on 5gh wifi!! i need that, its incredibly slaaauuw!!