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GoPro Android app lag - unusable on Pixel 2 XL

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For over a year now, the GoPro Android app has some MAJOR incompatibility issues with the Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and at least one other major phone.  I confirmed this with GoPro support via chat about a year ago when I was having major issues with the app (horribly slow and completely unuseable.)  These are known issues that apparently GoPro is "working on".... except in reality, they're pretty clearly not doing anything to fix the issues.  The representative I chatted with had no timeline readily available for resolution of these bugs, but per my request will be reaching out to the development / coding team and requesting that info. 


Here's the direct quote from my chat with a representative during Spring / Summer 2018:


"I am sorry to let you know that the reason why you are experiencing an issue is because GoPro app has a compatibility issue with Pixel 2 phone, Naomi phones and the newest Samsung S8"


 As I suspected, over a year later, there's still no improvement, and I have yet to hear back from anyone with a resolution. 


The issue is a major one - the app is unsuable on my Pixel 2 XL. Even before trying to even connect a camera, it is nearly impossible to navigate around the app because of the ridiculous lag.  The Pixel 2 XL isn't an underpowered device either - when it came out, it was top of the line, and it still performs excellently with any other app I run.  To be clear, this isn't a problem created at the point of connection, the problem is with the way the app runs.  I know this, because the lag is present immediately after installing and starting the app; it isn't attached to any camera or even scanning for on.  The horrible lag occurs literally just switching between the different menus in the app.


When I attempt to connect to my Hero 6 Black via WiFi, it does suceed in connecting, but the app gets even worse.  It becomes totally unusable, and often is entirely unresponsive (frozen.)   I've completed all the recommended troubleshooting steps, and done tons of my own troubleshooting - nothing has improved the app even a little bit.


The Pixel 2 XL and the Pixel 2 are Google's own phones. They're very highly regarded phones, and have plenty of power.  Same can be said of the Galaxy S8. These devices have been out long enough at this point that any bugs should have been squashed long ago.  Also, the Pixels should be the easiest phones to develop for, since they're running essentially stock Android.  GoPro's inability to deliver a functional app for some of these top phones is absolutely ridiculous and makes me want to abandon GoPro for competing action cameras like the Yi or DJI.  


Being unable to control my GoPro when it's in the waterproof housing, unable to trigger captures while standing away from the device, the inability to download / view pics and video on my larger screen while on the go... these are all part of the reason I paid a premium for my GoPro, and are essentially deal breakers.  I'd urge anyone who's in a similar position to put pressure on GoPro to get this resolved quickly, and for anyone who owns one of the mentioned phones to fully consider whether you want a GoPro without a functional phone app to go with it.