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Go Pro app trim problem iOS

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The Go App on my Iphone cant trim a video for more than one minute,while the Android app can trim more without problems at all.


Any thoughts by anyone?Seems like an app bug.

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Re: Cant use Go Pro Capture

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Hello @steliosm51


Could you perhaps be referring to the Quik for mobile app? Do you get an error message with the app on your iPhone? Does the app crash? Have you tried with the same set of pictures/videos, style, music on both phones? Which model of iPhone are you using? See if the result will be different with a different iPhone. Please also try the suggestions below: 

  • Change the video style 
  • Modify a little something in your project 
  • Pause the preview to let it load 
  • Make your video a bit shorter  
  • Close, reopen the app and restart your device   
  • Free up memory by closing all other apps 
  • Free up space on your device 
  • Update your device to the current operating system

We will wait for an update from you. 



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Re: Cant use Go Pro Capture

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Ι'm reffering to the GoPro app.Not Quick.


I use an Iphone X.When I try to cut a 3 minute piece of a 10 minute video, it allows me to crop only 1 minute.


On a Samsung Note 9, it crops the video in whatever duration you like.

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Re: Cant use Go Pro Capture

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Hi @steliosm51


With the current app version for iOS, it allows you to trim videos up to 1 minute.


Please watch out for the next update.