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GPS data missing after export

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I have gopro hero7. Recently on holidays i made nice video of descend on bike and i am looking to add speed telemetry into it. Now there is a issue with the telemetry. When i watch file in the app i can see the stickers and it shows the speed but when i export it and i use gopro app on mac and i want to add sticker it says it cannot do that as there is no GPS, what? So on phone it is and after export from gopro to pc it isnt? Also i cannot export it from phone somehow when i try to do that into the phone it says the video is in media folder but cannot find that media folder nowhere even if i try to seach the name of the file it is literally nowhere on the phone even if searching system root (have root on the android phone). Also the video is recorder upside down (another issue with gopro each video it desides to record in different even if i wanted to add sticker on the phone video and export it it would be upside down).


Yeah so help me to get the data...i wouldnt bothered if i would have not deleted accidentially that rides info from bike computer. So this is my only change to get any telemetry.



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Re: GPS data missing after export

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Hi @lacoc3


There is currently an issue with GPS information and Quik for desktop.

You may use GoPro app/Quik for mobile instead.

Other users also suggest programs like Dashware and Racerender.


Regarding the upside down video, see if resetting the camera will make a difference.




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Re: GPS data missing after export

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ok the solution to this problem for me was using this post:


i was able to extract metadata and then these can be used in the software mentioned.


but quick mobile app i am unable to "save to phone" even though i do it it cannot be found nowhere in my phone (android with root even searched everywhere). strange.


non the less it is shame that people had this issue like half year ago and it is still not fixed, looks like gopro doesnt care ...we buy these super expensive devices that have hosts of issues and these are not getting fixed.

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Re: GPS data missing after export

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Strange ..
In my android phone it is stored in

I have sufficient memory

You must use the go pro app
Edit your video
Add the gauges
You have to process the video
You have to save the result on your phone

This video may help you

Skip at 8:10