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Edited to 10 but probably has reached 100.




Take it or leave it.


The List:
1. Customer Service
2. Q.C.
3. Receiving Camera Models that do not work.
4. Firmware that decreases quality of video
5. Releasing new models with less quality then previous one while selling customer on benefit. In return buying yourself time for the investors, owner & fooled companies that may acquire GoPro.
6. Releasing the worst software imaginable & saying the software the company owns and the "algorithms" it's gained from countless hours of footage is your most valuable asset. Customers don't really care about the value of your assets. Furthermore, GoPro Studio & Quik are one of the few programs I've used where the footage & general function decreased after multiple update patches. It barely works. Bravo.
7. My computers now function worse because of your software. Computers being 3...THREE. IPad & Phone not so bad but video quality wise not as good.
8. My GoPro's are not recognized when connecting to download footage into GoPro Software. They once were. They being 4...FOUR GoPro's and a Fusion
9. Replacing a faulty unit after stating I would be refunded & never fixing nor responding to numerous emails and calls.
10. Losing the "grass root startup" story you chirp while turning into Daniel Day-Lewis from There Will Be Blood. Hating and screwing every human in general for your own greed w/o the striking oil part.


Those are my frustrations & I know all are not the same. But have been a loyal fan over the years. Owner of close to 10 GoPro actions cams. I don't claim to be the best at what I do but I'm also not the worst. Have tried multiple accessories for degrading quality & realize most footage and especially actions cam footage is mostly **bleep**. Your cameras or updates (my guess the camera guts along with releasing updates to mock fix something that can't be fixed until a new quality camera is produced) have decreased.


The next camera will not be a GoPro.


Thank you for not responding to emails/phone calls 20+ times along with not refunding but replacing the faulty 1st Fusion. New one has worked fine but I can't fix your software even after buying iPad because you hid fine print about not supporting Android. 


You (Nick) claim there is "something" in the works. A "game changer"? Knowing that his "apple-esque" interviews before the release always hint but never explain I would have dropped that act using the stock price as my guage (GoPro's softwares blow....I'm at 1000 feet but drop as I go up?) before looking like an **bleep**.


Money is not the issue. I bought it. **bleep** happens. I'll be ok. I'm sure you will block post or disregard using your quality (Fing terrible) customer service minions.


Appreciate your honest start but you tu


Best of luck,

Your Biggest Fan


P.S: You have not but please don't send me free **bleep**. If you care about customers the phone is always on.


GoPro Mission Statement: "I don't know much in this crazy, crazy world, but I do know that if you don't let us f*ck this assho*e, we are going to have our d*cks and our pu*sies all covered in s*it."