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Force upload to cloud

I normally download videos and photos from the camera onto my iphone and let it automatically upload to the GoPro Plus Cloud. But every couple of videos there will be one or two that are not uploading (waiting to be uploaded forever) or have the exclaimation mark (error during upload). Is there any way to force uploading a particular video that's be waiting forever?

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Re: Force upload to cloud

@weizhenz5, there's currently no way to force upload a particular media file in the GoPro App. 


What you can probably do is to force restart the Mobile Upload process. Though the process should automatically start when your phone is within Wi-Fi range, try the following accordingly to force restart the upload process: 

  1. Make sure that you're connected to the Wi-Fi network. 
  2. Disable Mobile Upload and Celular Upload (if enabled) in the app. Settings > GoPro Plus > Mobile Upload 
  3. Completely force close out of the app (from the Home screen, swipe up on the app's preview to close the app). 
  4. Re-open the GoPro App. 
  5. Enable Mobile Upload. 


The items in the App tab will start to queue up for cloud upload. Successful uploads will briefly display a checkmark. If an item fails to upload, it will be marked with an error icon, and we’ll try the upload again when your device is in range. 

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Re: Force upload to cloud

Thank you for the suggest, I'll give it a go.