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For those who are having connection issues with Hero 4 and Google Pixel/Pixel 2

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Like you, I spent many hours trying to get my phone, a Google Pixel 2 XL, to pair with my newly purchased Hero 4 Black, to no avail. Im not one to give up and I managed to find a solution.


If you have another andriod device or ios device available to setup the camera THIS IS KEY. I paird my camera to my Pixel C tabel and setup the wifi name and password before trying to connect to my phone.


Step 1: If you havent already done this, remove wifi connections from your phone to you camera

Step 2: Long press the GoPro app icon and select info and then press clear cache and clear data.

Step 3: start the pairing mode on your camera.

Step 4: Start the pairing mode in the app but before you get the last screen before the app begins to search for your camera !!STOP!!

Step 5: Open the wifi setting on your phone and look for the Gopro camera wifi network that you named and then connect to it and enter your password.

Step 6: Once  you are connected via wifi,  go pack to the gopro app and press continue. You will see your app ask you for the password again, enter it, it then should continue to the next step and ask you for the 4 digit pin displayed on the camera.


This is what i did to get the connection to work.


Now when you go to access the camera through the app, you will have to make sure that you turn the wifi on in the camera, obviously, and then make sure that your phone is connected to that wifi network. It will take some time for the app to refresh but when it does you will see the little wifi symbol next to the camera picture on your phone change from grey to blue meaning that everything is ready.

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Re: For those who are having connection issues with Hero 4 and Google Pixel/Pixel 2

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Great work, @noblehero36424. Thank you for sharing what worked for you. Community members who might be having the same issue will be able to get help from this. Stay stoked!