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Footage Quality change through App

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Hello all, I am using the hero 8 and I am having a MBPS issue when using my iPad Pro.
On my iPhone 11 Pro and IPad Pro 9.7 I use the app to move my footage over and then edit with LumaFusion.
However I noticed that with using the same video file, I am seeing 100 MBPS on my iPhone compared to 50 MBPS when going to my iPad.
I can’t seem to find a setting that would be making this happen.

I should add this is 4K 60 footage.
Any advice?
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Re: Footage Quality change through App

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Hello, @royaloasis01. Are these numbers for the same raw files, that is, no edits at all? Were the files imported directly from the App to your devices? Is this only happening to 4K files? Are they viewed using the same media player on both devices? Could the iPhone and iPad have different decoding settings/capabilities that could be causing the difference in bitrates? These details will help isolate the issue. Let us know what you find out. Thanks!

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Re: Footage Quality change through App

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I spent some time with GoPro support after having this issue again and here is where I’m at:
According to them, using the “clip” function should not change quality. I was not applying any other edits other than clipping long videos.
I was importing directly from the app to my phone and then using LumaFusion on each device. That is where I read the data for MBPS after noticing what I thought was quality loss.

The original clip was a 4K clip but I was just having this same issue with a 2.7k60 clip yesterday.

Currently the only workaround I have found is to use Lightning to USB3 adapter and importing directly to my iPad photos by putting the GoPro into MTP mode. After using this method, all clips were 100MBPS whereas the ones through the app were as low as 30MBPS for the same clips.