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Deleting media in app -- re-sync during next camera auto-upload?

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Can you please confirm what happens to the media file on the camera when 1. Camera plugged in and auto upload to app initiates 2. User deletes a clip in the "cloud" tab of app. 3. Does the media stay on the camera, or is it removed from the SD card? 

IF it stays on the camera/SD, when i plug back in at a future date, will the media that I previously deleted from the "Cloud" portion of the app, re-upload during the auto upload process?


If so, how do i get around this behavior? If i delete a clip, i want it deleted -- and not to be able to be re-sync'd. 


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Re: Deleting media in app -- re-sync during next camera auto-upload?

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Hello, @goofygoeps. When the camera is plugged in and auto uploads, the files get uploaded and saved in the cloud. These same files remain saved on the SD card as well.


Deleting files from the cloud removes them from cloud storage. Doing this does not affect the files on the SD card. 


Unless manually deleted or removed, the files remain on the SD card even after uploading them to the cloud or importing them to the GoPro App. 


If you would like to upload files that have already been uploaded to the cloud (but which have been deleted), you will need to do it manually. This entails logging in to your account through and adding media from there.