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Cut feature disappearing in Capture App

I use my GoPro Hero 5 Session to film my fishing trips, especially tournaments. Several times now when I have went to go back through the videos and cut clips, the cut feature just randomly disappears from the bottom menu and never returns. So now I have hours worth of worthless footage, because it won't let me cut clips from it anymore and I don't have a PC to use to edit. Is there a way to make the cut feature return? I've tried removing the sd card and then putting it back in, powering my camera and phone on and off, deleting the app and reinstalling, etc, but none of that has worked.


If I record a new video, the cut icon returns, but not for the ones that were already on the GoPro.


Anything I can do?

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Re: Cut feature disappearing in Capture App

Hello reenmesa23513,


If I understand correctly, only newly recorded footage is able to be 'cut/trimmed' using Capture app, correct? If so, I have seen this before and typically with longer clips, chaptered or over a couple GB. This is something we are aware of and hope to have a fix with a future firmware update.

Regarding your older footage, are you able to download the whole clip to your iOS device and edit it from there? I realize this may not be ideal for storage purposes, but it may suffice as a temporary work around.

I hope this was helpful.


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Re: Cut feature disappearing in Capture App

It’s not an acceptable solution and clearly your dev team is slow. This is still an issue and happens EVERY time I try to create multiple clips from the camera. It’s a bug. Hire decent devs and fix it!