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Re: Crash when adding picture

HI I have the same issue om my Huawei p20l, the app was working great but suddenly unable to import any picture.

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Re: Crash when adding picture

Same issue with a Galaxy S7 (Android 8.0). Everything was working fine for years. Saturday I add photo without any problem on a clip. Sunday another clip another photos and Quik crash. And still do. I'm travelling in UK and did'nt undergo any modifications on my phone between Saturday and Sunday. No memory issue and anyway I can add big movie clip. That crash only adding picture
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Re: Crash when adding picture

Hello I ve got the same problem, in my case I have a Samsung note 9 Android 9.1 ( the camara hero 7) the app does not accept even pics from the hero 7
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Re: Crash when adding picture

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Hello @robt8316, @jurajp40226, @ogosset, @rockycave34372


Thank you for the details that you provided. Except for @@robt8316, have you been able to go through the steps-to- fix here Quik for mobile Crashes ?


What kind of edit are you trying to do? Or is it adding a photo to the Quik app to create a video? 

Are you getting any error message? A screenshot will be greatly helpful for us to isolate the issue. 

Does it matter whether it is a GoPro or a non-GoPro photo? Where is the photo sourced from?

It should not actually matter but please make sure that the photo that you are using is in the following supported format: 

  • iOS: JPEG, PNG, WEBP, and GIF (GIF might remain static, not animated)
  • Android: JPEG, PNG, WEBP, and GIF (GIF might remain static, not animated)

It would help as well if you can provide us information regarding the OS your device is running on, and the Quik app version that you are using. We just added a photo to a project that we did in Quik on an Android phone and it went successfully. 


Let us know what you find out. 





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Re: Crash when adding picture

Hi Marius,


thank you for the reply.


I have performed all the steps in the article. Also made clean install and used an older version.


I am trying to add also photos from my phone camera wich are jpeg and tried also those, that I made already a video from before but now the same situation and the app crashes.


The app version is:

and my android version is :

I have 32gb space on the phone and 4gb of memory from which is more than 2gb always available.





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Re: Crash when adding picture

[ Edited ]

1- Didn't try to edit just adding a picture. No error message : from "create a new video" screen I go to the "select picture and video" screen. If i select a video no problem if I choose a picture the screen close and revert to the initial "create a new video" screen. Same if i do a project with movies as soon as i select a picture back to the start screen. No error message.


2-No matter what picture, from the phone,my drone or my Hero 4. Same issue. All .jpg


What is strange is that everything was working fine before 06/18 ( travelling I edit a movie each day) and the issue appears on 06/19 without any upgrade , for what I know.

Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930F

Android 8.0.0

Samsung Experience 9.0

Kernel 3.18.91-14843133-QB22458251 (Mars 3  2019)

Memory 4 Go   1.8Go free

Internal storage 32Go  4 Go free

SD Card 64 Go  25.4 Go free

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Re: Crash when adding picture

GoPro is working on a new mobile app. It is being beta tested by users all over the world right now. GoPro had open registration for people on their Facebook pages for Android and iOS. Hopefully it will be ready for release soon. Unfortunately, for now, the only advice I can give is wait.

BTW: I used to own and use a Samsung Galaxy S7. It's a nice enough phone, but it is one of the worst for video editing. Samsung in general does not make good video editing phones (which is strange considering the quality cameras they use). Personally, I switched to LG v30 and it's been a world of difference.
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Re: Crash when adding picture

I have the same on my Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Everything was fine until 06/18. The problem is exactly the same as described by other users.

Android 9