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Connecting your Go Pro (Fusion in my case) to my phone running Android 10

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I have seen a number of posts and reviews of not being able to connect the gopro (fusion in my case) to the Android app. I am running Android 10 on my Pixel phones and I couldn't get it to recognize the camera. It would successfully find the camera but then I would get an authentication error or an error telling me it couldn't connect and to give it another try later. I am running GoPro app 6.2.1 which was supposed to fix the Android 10 issue. The frustrating part for me is it works fine on my wife's iPhone and iPad (and had to put up with her ridicule and the ridicule of some of her staff).


I found my problem, fixed it, and now it works. The directions to pair seem to be missing a very important step. Apparently, Android 10 doesn't allow an app to change the password protected wifi network automatically. You need to do that manually. So here is how you get this to work:


1. Turn on the camera and navigate to the Connect choice. Select it and it will give you the name and password. This is actually the name and password of the wifi network the camera is emitting. The camera is its own access point, though it is not connected to the internet. That is fine. Write down the name and password. You will need it momentarily.


2. Find the settings button on your Android phone (this is NOT settings in the go pro app but the real settings button for the entire phone).. It is a gear icon. I put mine on my home screen but for most of you it will be in your program list. Go to networks, make sure wifi is on, now search for and connect to the network name you found in step 1. It will ask for the password. Type the password you wrote down in step 1. You will now be connected to the camera (and warned about the network not having internet which is fine).


3. Now go through the connection process using the GoPro app you have installed on your phone. Follow the steps it recommends. You will now be connected and be able to control your camera from your phone.


Now it works perfectly and I can easily control my camera from my phone.


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Re: Connecting your Go Pro (Fusion in my case) to my phone running Android 10

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A several addtional points I should make.....

1. next time you want to attach your phone to your gopro fusion, reboot the phone AFTER the camera is already turned on and at the connect screen on the camera. I have found if the phone is already on it won't find the camera so reboot the phone.

2. After rebooting your phone go to the phone settings, bring up wifi and manually connect to the network name of the camera. You will be notified when you are connected and you will be told you don't have internet but that is fine. If you do not manually connect to the camera's access point name you probably will not be able to connect to the camera. It isn't this way for iOS devices but it is for Android, at least Android 10. 


After that, bring up the gopro app on your phone and the connection should be made, click the icon on the left bottom and you should see what the camera is displaying.