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Cloud upload failed

Dear all, only some of my videos are saved on app, when I try to upload from cloud it stuck in search mode and nothing happens.... can someone advise me ??? Thanks
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Re: Cloud upload failed

Hello @coolriver47468. Which type of files are not saved on the app - are they videos? photos? time lapses? If you are not able to view your media on the camera from the app, typically this would indicate that the files were recorded in a resolution that is too high for your mobile device. Do you recall getting any error message while you were importing your media from the camera to the app? Depending on the message that you get, there are steps here that would resolve the issue. 


How do you upload media to the cloud? Is your camera set to auto-upload? There are different methods of uploading media to the cloud. Check out How to Add Media to GoPro Plus and see if the other methods will work. 


If you are trying to view your media from the cloud through the GoPro App, connect to the GoPro App and tap the media icon next to the image of your camera and select Cloud Media. Alternatively, you can view your content on the web in your GoPro Plus Media Library through .