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Cannot maintain connection to hotspot

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After pulling my hair out with the Android app I bought an iPhone to get round the problem of not being able to choose your YouTube profile. However the problems persist. It seems the Quik app is not maintaining a connection to my iPhone’s hotspot. I went into my carrier’s shop to check hotspot is not throttled, the Apple shop to check my phone is set up properly and there is no problem with any of these possibilities. I’m running the latest iOS and all apps are up to date. None of my other devices have a problem connecting to the hotspot, which leaves the problem pointing squarely at the Quik app.

The Quik app is up to date. I can connect to my GoPro no problem. I can select YouTube to stream to. It even pops up saying “you can use your iPhone’s hotspot to stream”, which is exactly what I want to do. It doesn’t always say this, mind. Sometimes the hotspot is available, sometimes it never appears, yet all the while my other devices can connect to the same hotspot.

Why does it say I can connect to my iPhone’s hotspot to stream and then either drop before making a connection or drop after one minute of streaming? On the odd occasion that I can start streaming, I’ve never been able to get beyond one minute.

Any pointers gratefully received.