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Can I live stream a 360 video with Gopro Fusion?

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I noticed the old thread is locked with a final message of: "We don't have it on our road map :)"


Not to be "THAT" guy....but...i'mma be "THAT" guy.


I bought a GoPro Fusion simply because of a spherical "POS" camera that we'll just call "1080 maggot".


Now, 1080 Maggot was a 4k camera, had non-removeable storage and battery (32 gb), and eventually it had the ability of streaming to Facebook. Granted, Streaming to Facebook required a phone as the internet connection to steam it, and the paper-weight would get EXTREMELY hot when doing so because "small indie company lol". After their support pages shut down, and their community forum modderators gave up (seriously those forums are HOT garbage right now) I decided to take another chance on a 360 platform. It was this or Rylo, and I went with the Fusion simply because my past experience showed me that GoPro is a reliable brand.


:) Go Pro....please


You've got streaming working on the 7, Facebook 100% supports 360 streams, and even if you want to argue that point why not give us Fusion owners the option of using the camera as a standard POV instead of a 360 view for streaming then?

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Re: Can I live stream a 360 video with Gopro Fusion?

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GoPro is coming out with a new spherical camera in the next few months. Additionally, they are working on a new mobile app. I don't have anymore information than this, but these two things I know to be true. There is a very good chance that the new spherical camera will have live streaming capability. This will require the app to be designed to allow for this as well. Hopefully this will bleed over to the Fusion and it will become an available feature. Only time will tell.

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