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App freezing and cannot control my GoPro Hero7

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I have a GoPro Hero 7 Silver and a OnePlus5T and the app keeps freezing on the screen: "We found your GoPro" and when it finally shows me the option to tak control of my GoPro it displays a message: "Something came up. The application has cancelled the request to choose a device" and, a pop up on the botton of the screen: "Connection Successful" - what is super annoying and confusing as I cannot take control of my camera, the app says it was successful but it is not!!!!

Also, on the screen, after I tap "OK" on the error message, the app keeps displaying a loading image, as if something is still running on the background. 

I have updated manually the software from my GoPro Hero7 Silver accordingly and also read about some recommendations for similar erros in this forum and tried the below:

- restart the mobile phone

- restart wifi connections

- restart bluetooth connections

- uninstalled / installed the Quick App (version 8.3)

- on my mobile settings, I have cleaned the cache from the app

- also I have changed the Wi-fi band to 2.4GHz cause it could be an issue due the region as I have read in other posts

- reset the connections from my GoPro

- paired the devices many times as possible


I have attached some screenshots from my tests.


Any new suggestions?



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Re: App freezing and cannot control my GoPro Hero7

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Hi @activesand44


Thank you for the details shared,

To further isolate the issue, would you be able to test the camera with another phone/device?

Let us know how it goes.




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Re: App freezing and cannot control my GoPro Hero7

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Something that has happened to me in testing lately, after having connectivity issues I factory reset my camera and it helped with connectivity. So you never know, it could help.