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App connection to Hero 6

I have a iPhone XS Max running IOS 12.0.1. The GoPro app version is 5.0.1. And the GoPro Hero 6 Version is 2.01. I recently got the new phone and been trying to connect to the app and have not been able to. I delete the GoPro from my list and connect as a new device
The Bluetooth finds the GoPro. Allows me to change the name of the GoPro. But when it goes to connect with the WiFi it cannot find the WiFi connection. I tried manually inputting the WiFi name and password but that does not work either. At this point I am not sure if is a GoPro problem with the camera, The app or the iPhone Itself.
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Re: App connection to Hero 6


Hi @victor86pr


This is being worked on by the team in charge,

Similar issue is posted on this thread:


We'll post and update as soon as we get one,




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Re: App connection to Hero 6

Problem is different. His App crashes after a few seconds. My never crashed it just did not connect. Here is what I did to solve the problem. Is working good as for right now. I uninstall the app. I performed a hard reset on the iPhone. I reset the network setting on the GoPro. Re-install the app and performed the new connection. That seemed to have solved the problem. I tried all of the in separate and nothing worked. Did all of them together and it work. Hope it works for everyone else.
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Re: App connection to Hero 6


If you haven't already, try setting the wifi to 2.4ghz instead of the default 5ghz.
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Re: App connection to Hero 6


No need to change the WiFi setting. As I mentioned all it need is to delete the app. Hard reset the phone and re-install the app. This has work for me on 5 different apps. Two GoPro apps and 3 none GoPro apps. I believe it is an Apple problem not a GoPro problem that occurred during the recovery of all my apps when transferring to the new phone.