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App Constantly Crashing

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Anyone got any ideas why my GoPro and GoPro Quik app keep crashing in various situations. I've been reading up and tried all the recommended fixes without any success. 

the GoPro App, crashes every time I export videos to camera roll, it will always export 2 clips then crash shut on the 3rd. 

the Quik app, every time I add my clips in it just crashes about 3-4 seconds onto the auto play, even if I stop the auto play. 

im using iPad with iOS 13.3 and both apps are up to date and have been removed and installed 

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Re: App Constantly Crashing

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Thank you for the details that you provide, @martinw8256. When you get a chance, please check out this article to resolve your issue - .


The Quik app for mobile has not been updated in a long while since the integration of its features within the GoPro App. If you prefer to use the Quik app, try out the steps below to clear out the crashing issue: 

  • Change the video style 
  • Modify a little something in your project 
  • Pause the preview to let it load 
  • Make your video a bit shorter  
  • Close, reopen the app and restart your device   
  • Free up memory by closing all other apps 
  • Free up space on your device (if the app crashes at 100% by a "save to photos" it's probably because you don't have enough space)
  • Update your device to the current operating system
  • Last resort: try to make a clean install BUT be aware that your videos in Quik for mobile will be deleted so make sure you save them to your camera roll first. However, know that videos uploaded online are still there. Clean install can help, especially after an update.

The following are iOS-specific checks that you may perform as well. 

  • The app having trouble processing one of the photos or videos you've imported in the project. 
  • The app is experiencing memory pressure crash: some crashes are caused by memory issues. iOS devices have the tendency to kill apps that are eating too much RAM too fast as a "safety" precaution. As the app renders the video as fast as possible, the iOS operating system sometimes sees peaks in RAM usage and force closes Quik as a result. 
  • The video is created by the device itself, not by a machine on a distant server. Quik is a demanding app, basically, the less powerful your device is, the more it may crash.

Let us know how it works out. Thanks!