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Add a Zoom Level (maybe Max specific?)

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I'm reframing my Max footage. The clearest image in the final result is going to be when the zoom level is 100% or less. As you begin to exceed 100% the image will degrade.


As you are setting your keyframes, you are moving the image around, both horizontally and vertically. This action causes a slight pinch which means you've moved away from 100%. It would be really really nice to have either a zoom level indicator and/or a reset button to go back to 100% so we get the clearest possible resulting image in our final video.

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Re: Add a Zoom Level (maybe Max specific?)

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@insanediego, this is interesting. We appreciate the insight as it can help us build a better experience with our products and applications. We'll relay this information to the team in charge. Let us know if anything else comes up. Stay stoked & have fun capturing moments using your GoPro!