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4k editing in Quik on M1 iPad Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max

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Hi there,


will Quik output edited videos and stories in 4K on a M1 iPad Pro and/or iPhone 13 pro Max? Almost all of my footage is shot in 4K 30fps, with some in 4K 60fps.



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Re: 4k editing in Quik on M1 iPad Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max

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Hi @quin0081

We have introduced since the last update the Export Quality Settings.
This option allows you to choose the Resolution / Bitrate and Codec of your video.
You can choose them when you are making a Story (multi-clip edit) and you are saving it to your phone
If you made edits on a single media (ex: change a filter, color-adjust, speed segments etc) and you save this media to your phone.
These are the two cases when you will see the Export Quality Options.

Note that if you have some options that are greyed out / that you cannot select, it’s because your phone doesn’t handle them and you have to select other options instead. The options offered will depend on the phone performance and capabilities.

Source Media: If you save your media from your Quik App to your Phone WITHOUT ANY EDITS at all, it will have its original quality and you won’t have the export options as we are saving the original files.

The feature will evolve and we will bring improvements as we go.

Regarding quality of Stories on iOS.

If you use Airdrop, please make sure that you activate this setting > On your iPhone, go to Settings -> Photos -> Transfer to Mac or PC -> Keep Originals
The problem is that Airdrop transcodes the file. iCloud also does a little bit of transcoding.

Here are some info for you:

- Do not use AirDrop with default parameters : choose Keep Originals
- Do not drag and drop from Photos app: use "export original" in Photos app on macOS
- If you are a GoPro subscriber you can get the Story from your GoPro Cloud to your computer, choose original quality while saving.

The Apple Ecosystem transcodes the file so you have to be very vigilant when getting the video from your phone to your computer.

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Re: 4k editing in Quik on M1 iPad Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max

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on an iPad Pro 2020 with the A12Z Bionic, exporting to 4k 30fps works fine. Except for editing in portrait mode Smiley Wink

So there should be no problems with the M1 chip and the A15 from iPhone 13 Pro.

4k 60fps does not generally work with this app as far as I know. But I have never considered that, so I don't know for sure.

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Re: 4k editing in Quik on M1 iPad Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max

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@quin0081 @frankywe 

Yes I believe you should be ok exporting in 4K with those devices.