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4gb files zusammführen

Wie kann man die einzelnen 4gb files zu einem längeren vidoe zusammenführen? Mi go pro app möglich?


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Re: 4gb files zusammführen


Are you talking about chaptered files? Did you film a video longer than 8 mins and now you have several 8min videos?


You may use other programs to view and edit your GoPro footage. There is also a list of programs here that you can check out.
Alternatively, you can explore the use of the GoPro App for multi-clip editing. These steps will guide you through the process.


Long videos can be merged in the Cloud > The only way for a single, long video to be uploaded to Cloud as-is is if the upload is done via auto-upload, that is with the camera as a hub

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Re: 4gb files zusammführen

Hey, the new GoPro software is terminally broken and forces everything through the iPhone where no feature to stitch 4GB files together exists.


It is possible to stitch them together if you bypass the iPhone app and directly manipulate the files on a PC, Mac or Linux using the "ffmpeg" program which is free.

Search for "concat" in this page


If you need to put GPS stickers on first, you're **bleep** out of luck, because your life is too short to wait for moving the files through the iPhone App and sending HEVC files to the camera roll after any edit destroys them as well.

Most of the solutions suggested on the links either don't work and/or cost money.  If you're a Mac user, options are even fewer.

The whole thing is one giant cluster-f*