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GoPro Apps for Desktop
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why wont my app launch

my gopro desktop app for windows will not open on my windows 10 laptop

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Re: why wont my app launch

Hi @solonm31756


Sorry to hear that! Could you give us some more details on what you've tried to fix the problem? 


You could try opening up the task manager (ctrl+alt+delete) to see if the GoPro App for Desktop or GoPro Studio are listed as running in the Processes tab. Then you can end those tasks and try opening the program again. You could also try restarting your computer to see if that resolves the problem. 


Do you get any sort of error message or does the program simply not launch? 

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Re: why wont my app launch

Because it is developed by GoPro, professional cameras with UNprofessional software Man Very Happy

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Re: why wont my app launch

im having the same problem too..  its laggy when you try to enter your sign in details and takes forever for the authentication to sign in.. trìed to uninstall and reinstall the program but its all same.

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Re: why wont my app launch

Sorry to hear that you guys are running into these issues! If the GoPro App for Desktop isn't launching, I'd be curious to know if GoPro Studio does or does not launch. Do you see either of those programs in the task manager as running? If so, you could try ending the task in Task Manager and then relaunching. 


You'll also want to make sure all updates have been performed on the computer. Not just having the most recent OS, but all the updates being complete as well. 


And finally, are you under a user admin. account? If not, are you able to open the program when on the admin. account in the computer?


In regards to the "Authenticating" message, I did just respond to your other post @bluecreek89, and was curious to know if you're using VPN access on that computer when trying to log in. That could cause that issue.