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very slow upload

I have a hero 7 black and the gopro plus account.  When uploading from my camera, it is very slow.  Hours on 'starting upload.'  Is this normal?


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Re: very slow upload

Hi @vthed


Upload rate is dependent on the speed of your connection.

Have you tried using a different network?




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Re: very slow upload

I have the same problem, just bought the gopro plus subscription and it is super slow.

Im uploading via the quik app on my imac desktop.

I have 1000Mbps fiber connection and I only get between 14-16Mbps upload speed.

I live in Sweden and and the program little snitch on my mac tells me the speed and that Im uploading to,

if that is the case I understand why my speed is low .

are there not any other amazon servers in europe that I could upload to instead of server on the west cost, when I live in sweden?

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Re: very slow upload

I'm having the same problem.. It's painfully slow! I'm far from impressed with it. 

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Painfully slow upload from hero7 to gopro plus!

My husband gave me the Hero7 as a present (i'm a cyclist) - for safety and also to capture some of the beautiful routes I cycle in different countries and cities.

1. Used it for the first time skiing a few weeks ago.

    A. media was easy to download into my phone and computer, etc..

2. Decided to join the gopro plus - to download directly to the cloud and not use my phone or computer memory.

    A. Started downloading into gopro plus five days ago - only downloaded 10 out of 31 videos so far!

     B. Tried to download to computer with Quik and then add to gopro plus, still nothing happening (well at a speed of a snail or sloath!)


Can someone please tell me if there's an easy way? at the moment the gopro plus seems like a waste of money! Any suggestions? I'm getting ready to go to Majorca for a cycling trip and would like to be able to download the video each day.


Many thanks,


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Re: Painfully slow upload from hero7 to gopro plus!

I have a very fast wifi.  I found a much better upload rate using manual upload.  Still not fast, but better than auto for some reason .

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Re: very slow upload

I have the same problem.

Super, super, super slow.


I can upload to drop-box with no issue, but uploading to gopro plus is exhausting. This could very well end up being the reason I cancel.

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Re: very slow upload

Yeah I'm having the exact same problem.  Upload has been going for days!  And I'm still only 5% of my videos uploaded.  I'm curious if there is anyone who has actually had a good experience with go pro plus?  I haven't heard one good thing about go pro plus thus far.  I'm thinking I'll cancel as well.