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so thats it i guess?

Go Pro fusion studio... looks like theyve moved on to a new version of the 360 editor for the max- and those of us that bought the fusion are left in the dust.. we never even got functional software... how is it that i have to use my iPhone to edit videos from this camera? the desktop programs PC and MAC are pretty much useless...

the iphone app has MORE editing features! like KEYFRAMES for overcapture.. how can the desktop software not have this???


not to mention the unusable rendering times on desktop...


my phone was able to render and export an overcapture clip, than the same clip rendered on the dekstop in 1/6 the time!!


(i tried the same process on my note 9 - but kept getting black screens when trying to view the videos after downloading them to my phone) yes i even ended up resetting my entire phone just to "fix" any issues


for kicks i decided to load fusion studio onto the mac pro we have at work.. were talking 28 cores of xeon and the top end GPUs - 2 of them! and 1 TB of ram!


took EXACTLY the same amound of time as my i5 iMac from 2012 did (with 24gb of ram) (maybe 2-3 minutes faster)


tried 1.3, and beta 1.4


same results on a PC - (12gb of ram and dual AMD GPU's)


looks like we just need to give in and buy new cameras that are usable with the new go pro max software?


*shakes head* might be time to leave the gopro ecosystem...



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Re: so thats it i guess?

I have spent 1000's of dollars on GoPro cameras. I will never buy another. The company seems more occupied on cranking out new "revolutionary" cameras (with very minor upgrades from previous models) than it concerns itself with actually caring for it's customers.
I bought the $700+ camera with an intent of creating travel-videos. But the computer software and editing options are 100% useless. Even joining 2 scenes is unsupported.

I'm not too concerned about rendering rimes, but quality and optionas are important to me. So is the software actually working. After trying to get support a dusin times and after relentless searcing for solutions on the font system, I got hold of a person on support that actually tried to help me solve the issue with weird looking fonts (which rendered most menus unreadable) it took about a week before they got back to me with the same old tale... Try another computer, try reinstalling, it must be your computer bla,bla,bla...

The fix was VERY simple, and ANY person working with their support should know. (If you struggle with this I have the solution here:

If they are to continue treating customers like this, they will eventually turn their back on them. I'm quite sure of it.