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settings window is not consistent

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Whan Fusion opens and I selected the first video I want to render and the settings winodw opened and asked to know the designated platform and required resolution.

I selected Editing with 5.6K.

When I looked at the render queue and clicked the video, I saw the available resolutions and formats changed the default settings to h.264 5.6K.

Ii rendered the video and uploaded it to youtube as is. It runs great with the high resolution.

When I chose the second video to render, the initial settings window did not open and when i looked in the render queue I saw only the Full HD resolution.

So I closed Fusion and reopened it and in the initial settings window, again I chose the Editing option with 5.6K.

however in the render queue i still saw only available resolution was Full HD.

How do i get fusion to render again h.264 with 5.6K?