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quick for MacBook pro

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MacBook Proでquickをダウンロードしました。iPhoneのアプリではGoPro以外で撮った写真も使用して動画を作成出来ましたが、MacBookようのquickではGoProで撮った素材しか使用出来ないのでしょうか?。色々試したのですがアプリ内にiPhoneで撮影した素材を取り込めずお伺いさせていただきました。よろしくお願いします。

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Re: quick for MacBook pro

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Hello @spryflame5026. Although both are named Quik, the applications have different features in terms of the edits that they can do. Being that they work on different devices (thus different operating systems), Quik for mobile allows third-party media to be added while Quik for desktop does not. If you would like to use non-GoPro media through your desktop, you may explore other programs for viewing and editing at Programs to View and Edit Videos . Thanks!