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problem with opening exported gopro max exporter files (, windows 10)

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I've downloaded the latest gopro max exporter today and I have problems to view the exported files afterwards.


(btw good that you dont include version numbers in the actual programm itself so people who are in contact with the support cant state which version they have very easily)



It says: error 0xc00d36c4 (playback not possible) with windows 10 foto/video player, it shows a not moving picture with no sound with VLC, it says -2048 with quicktime (not able to open format) and it says problem with the playback with windows media player.

My video editing tool (which is able to edit 360) says the following when importing the file from the max exporter: MXMPEG2 Error 0110: no media decoder found.


What can I do?

The file is available here:!Aqm32Un3WiYTnFPssjDlJ4tyxgkl?e=6NhUlo