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orientation discontinuity after export: Bug in exporter (win10) as well as Player (macos)


Aim: take a MAX recording of some 2hours, edit in Final Cut Pro, accelerate for playback, upload to Youtube


Bug: orientation discontinuity at 4GB file boundary - see the artefact at second 59 into the video


The error is caused by exporting the files in either GoPro Max Exporter (windows 10) or GoPro Player (macOS) and is not present in the original .360 files.


The files can be found at:




First, verify the error is not present in the .360 files:



Now, observe the discontinuity after exporting these files with GoPro Max Exporter on Windows 10:



See the orientation jump? roughly 100°.


The mp4 files were imported into FCP, accelerated in playback and exported to YT. No other edits were done, hence the error shows there is well.


This project consists of some 15 mp4 files, and out of these 6 file boundaries show a orientation jump, the others are continuous.


The error happens in GoPro Max Exporter (win10) and GoPro Player version 1.0.5 (446, macOS) just alike.


The error is NOT systematic - out of the 14-some file boundaries in the video 6 show a orientation discontinuity.


Please look into a fix.


BTW while fixing win10 exporter and especially since macos Player has no Batch Export function yet - PLEASE test GoPro Max Exporter under Virtualbox. It is completely broken and unable to export a single file without crashing - separate bug report coming.



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