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GoPro Apps for Desktop
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nothing QUIK about it. Too slow to use, and its NOT my PC.

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Hi GoPro people.


I am so very disapointed with GoPro.


I have just gone an bought 2 x black 7 units and they are lovely.


My issue is that I have a $10,000 comuter that seems to not be able to use the software to edit the video's.


My PC spec is significantly higher that the requred spec.


I can use many other video editing software, but not this software.


Why is it so?


My Spec Includes:

SSD drives, AMD Ryzen 16 core CPU Threadripper and 32Gb of memory.


Any ideas?


i have un-installed and re-installed the Quik software too.


I can trim video's or use the software AT ALL.




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Re: nothing QUIK about it. Too slow to use, and its NOT my PC.

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Hi @toughcave36042


Are you getting a specific error message?

Or is Quik failing to launch?


Here are some links that may come handy:

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