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my hero black 6 won't upload videos from previous 2 days.

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My hero black 6 won't upload videos from the previous 2 days. It shows videos from today but won't upload previous days.  I've tried resetting camera and reloading apps but nothing is working.  I've also tried to use multiple devices to receive the uploads; Macbook, iPhone, iPad, PC.  

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Re: my hero black 6 won't upload videos from previous 2 days.

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Hello, @gobradgo. Are you able to view the videos in-camera? Is the issue only observed with videos? What about photos?


Is this a recent happening? Do you have the latest version of the app installed? Which phone/device are you using and which OS is it running on?


When the camera is paired with the app, are you able to preview the videos? Does the camera allow you to import them to the app? Do you get a confirmation of a successful import? 


If you do, see if the videos may have been incorrectly dated and could be under a different timeline in the app. Also, which SD card are you using/ The information on the brand, type, and capacity will be helpful. 


Let us know what you find out. Thanks!