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max exporter

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Hi folks


Just get the camera but I cannot share any 3D content in any way:


-There is no app for Windows to do the export and reframing (Go Pro Player)

-The GoPro MAX exporter app for windows 10 doesnt work ,after installing it I get the following message(even if I start the app with administrative rights):



-The files stored in *.360 format cannot be viewed using the gopro VR player.

-If I download the content to my phone I can see it in 360, but the share button doesnt allow to share it to the gallery (android)


I understand that the product is just launched and you guys are working on it, please if you can help me to clarify how can I work with the 360 material using windows10 + android to get the 360 file and make some colorization of the material.



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Re: max exporter

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Hello @epicsummit1513. Make sure that your computer meets the necessary system requirements for GoPro MAX Exporter. Does your computer have the latest Windows updates? See if this may be what's causing the app to not launch as it should. 


Most iOS and Android media gallery apps do not natively support 360 media. This means that we cannot save 360 content directly to those applications, but your 360 content will always be saved directly within the GoPro App. There is more information about 360 support in the GoPro App here that you may refer to. 


Should you need further assistance, our Support team may be reached by phone or chat through .