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info cluster show GMT time with AM symbols - wtf?

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camera time is right.

everywhere is set 24h format.

when try to switch on "info cluster" in gopro quik ( ) time shows two hours earlier and with AM / PM symbols.

before start filming specially check camera time, and it was right one 12:46 , when i switch on info cluster on that video, it shows 10:46AM...? :-O

latest MacOS X, latest updates, gopro 7 silver, firmware 2.0


GMT +2 timezone, Riga, LV




Posts: 8

Re: info cluster show GMT time with AM symbols - wtf?

also, why there was no option to extract GPS info fto separate .gpx file?

and why there also no option to export video with telemetry ( speedometer and so over a video) to file?


very bad taste from gopro, who i early assume as a "leader" in action cams.... :(