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i cant save my projects driving me mad

why wont my projects save that i make in the create tab? i spend hours editing all the little clips press save and name my video and then the save bar comes up and moves NOWHERE its driving me mad like literally mad i want to cry!!

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Re: i cant save my projects driving me mad

I have this same problem.  I dont know if the programs messed up so I uninstalled it and rebooted then I deleted some residual files that uninstalling it didnt delete like cache files in my c drive whihc by the way I installed the program on my d drive.  


After reinstalling the program the same result.  I cant save my edits or anything new.  I have never liked Gopros software.  It crashes randomly and or hiccups since day one.  The only software thats ever worked half way decent for me is iPhone apps.  But its almost impossible to get media on a iPhone.  Takes hours to put a 10 minute video on it from the wifi connection.  Why doesnt it use bluetooth?  Its on and shows it connected...


I have the keychain sd card thing which worked great but it didnt last more then a week.  Ive spent thousands on Gopro gear.  I totally dont know what the hecks up with this stuff.  Glad to see its not just me.  


I just did clean install of my OS and reinstalled quik desktop and still same.  PC is only 12 months old and very clean..