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how to reformat a card in a hero

Hello everyone!

I bought a hero session a few years ago. I wanted to delete so files from my computer and it`s not responding. I read another comet about formating my files in my camera, but didin´t found an option to do it.

ayway that I could to anything?


thanks a lot, Alexa

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Re: how to reformat a card in a hero

I'm sorry, I'm not 100% on what you are saying. Correct me if I'm wrong.
You want to delete the files from your SD card or computer? Is the computer not responding or is your camera not responding?

Here is what you should try doing. Report back which step you are having issues with.
1) Plug your camera into a wall charger and let it charge for a couple hours.
Does the Red charging light come on?
2) Remove the SD card (you can do this prior to plugging the camera in to charge) and put it into a USB/SD card adapter
3) Plug the adapter into your computer (If Quik opens you can close it)
4) Find your SD card using Windows Explorer (It will show as a drive, like E: Sd Card)
5) If there are any files on the card you want to keep, transfer them to your computer
6) Right click on the SD card drive letter and chose Format. When the pop up comes up, uncheck Quick Format (you can use Quick Format in the future, but for now a full check and format is probably best)
7) On your computer, go to the firmware update page and choose, "Update your camera manually"
8) Download the firmware to your computer (to your desktop is fine)
9) Right click on the downloaded and chose Extract (you can Extract it to the Desktop if you want)
10) Using Windows Explorer, move the UPDATE folder with all of it's contents (NOT onto the SD card
11) Right click on the SD card drive and chose Eject.
12) Remove the SD card and put it into your camera.
13) Press the rear mode/power button to power on your camera (the update should start)
14) Once done, you will want to pair your camera to the mobile app.
15) Go into settings and scroll down toward the bottom.
16) Scroll down to DELETE.
Tap "Delete All Files from SD Card."
Tap "Delete All Files (Format)

Hope this helps.