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how to move gopro images from iOS to computer

I moved my photos from my gopro sessions camera to my ipad using the GoPro App to clear storage.

I now would like to move them to my mac.

I can trasfer them from the GoPro folder in the ipad photos but each file in a time lapse sequence is now shown individually and the GoPro Quik (lastest version) does not recognise them in the GoPro folder to import them.

The file names are EHFN1162.jpg, EHKY9171.jpg for example.


They show as a group in the GoPro App but it doesnt seem to have a way to transfer?


Any help would be great




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Re: how to move gopro images from iOS to computer

@peteb6118 - It would be easier to transfer them from the SD card if they're still on there. That way, you'll also get the highest resolutions in any videos you shot as well instead of the mobile-optimized version.


If you don't have them on the SD card anymore, you should be able to transfer the files using AirDrop. If AirDrop is new to you, there's more info on it at


Once the files are transferred over, try keeping the time lapse images for a particular shoot in the same folder. The file names have me a little concerned though. That's not a standard GoPro naming convention for the images, which makes me think that the images may have been converted in some way when they were moved to your iPad. If that's the case, some of the data that signaled that the images are part of a time lapse may have been lost, which could be the reason that Quik doesn't recognize them as time lapse images.