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gps telemetry WAY off

The telemetry on the hero 5 is WAY off. Im talking about 2-3 seconds off. That might not sound like much to some people but when your riding a dirt bike it basically makes this feature useless. The speed I know for a fact isnt correct either and Im only assuming thats the case with the other data. for instance when I stop the altitude will settle to a number, I will stop recording then when I start recording the altitude is different by 30-40 feet. This needs to be fixed completely to make this a usable feature otherwise whats the point in having it?

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Re: gps telemetry WAY off

Having a similar issue, the telemetry was one of the main reasons I chose a go pro. I have been trying for over a week to get through to the help center by phone and chat with no luck. even spent 1 hour on wait for help over the phone. I am very suprised just how brutal GoPro customer support is, and that their products dont work very well. 


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Re: gps telemetry WAY off

That screenshot is me waiting 1 hour on go pro customer service with no agent ever coming to answer. I have alo tried the online chat 100's of time never once got through.  This is the problem with the telemetry GPS that I a having

Honestly at this point I may just return the GoPro and make sure everyone I ever talked to knkow how crap they are and how brutal the cumstomer service is. I have never seen such poor customer service. 

Video shows just how poor the new GoPRo Hero 5 works. I have spent over 10 hours this week trying to get through to customer service no such luck. Worst comp...