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gps just under water surface

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we have a go pro hero 9 that we swim with to map seagrasses. We aim our camera downwards and need a geotagged image. the camera is fixed to the bottom part of a surfboard. although the camera is only 4-5 cm underwater but that is enough to lose all GPS signals. thought about synchronizing the time of the camera with the time of a GPS on the top of the surfboard. another idea was to see if a GPS repeater on the top of the board would enhance the GPS signal enough for the camera's GPS to pick up the signal (if the repeater's active antenna would be just above the water's surface). any other ideas ???


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Re: gps just under water surface

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There's a much easier solution.... Place the camera so it's flush against the surfboard so there's no water above it, or only a thin layer. If you use a waterproof case, you can glue the case directly to the board with silicone adhesive. 


If you want to use a separate GPS reciever you can, but you would need to use Labs firmware and force the GoPro to get time off its GPS. But even then, in my experience it's usually slightly offset from real time so some ajdustment will be needed