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gopro6 can not connect to quik app for desktop

GoPro 6 does not connect to windows 10 quik app.


I was using the GoPro 6 in mac quik app. But becasuse this is a laptop and limit of storage, I want to use gopro on a windows PC with plenty of storage space.


First I could not connect from GoPro 6 to quik app installed in windows 10 environment, I implemented all support of general GoPro site.

Still unable to connect, I formatted my PC, completely reinstalled Windows 10 64bit, and installed the latest version of the quik app.


After connecting the PC and GoPro with the USB cable, I confirmed that the USB controller is installed properly. And in Windows Explorer, gopro mtp client disk volume is recognized and can access to folders and video files.


But nevertheless, the connected gopro does not appear in the quik app on 'connected devices'. After I disconnected with PC and connect to the MAC, then gopro connected immediately to mac quik app. This is only happening on PCs.


I've tried all the suggested methods in the support section of the GoPro website, but they still don't work.

How can I use it in PC Windows?

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Re: gopro6 can not connect to quik app for desktop

Hi @braveshore32767


Please go over the steps on Camera is Not Recognized on Quik for desktop - Windows

You can also try this: go to Device Manager> Find GoPro> Select "Disable" then "Enable".


Let us know how it goes.

You may also reach out to our Support Team for assistance through





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Re: gopro6 can not connect to quik app for desktop

First, Using microSD card adapter, desktop quik app recognize the SDcard device, but connect to when using gopro it didn`t works.

Second, after done "Disable" then "Enable" and gopro didn`t connect, too.


Is there anyway connect to gopr device well?!

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Re: gopro6 can not connect to quik app for desktop

@braveshore32767, another way to import your files is by using an SD Card adapter. The steps for importing files from an SD Card are similar to the steps for importing from a camera, except that instead of plugging the camera into the computer using a USB cable, the microSD Card is plugged into the computer using a card reader. Find more details at