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gopro stickers for desktop

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aloha goPro,


quick question (I was unable to find the answer on the message board) - why is it that I can add stickers to my gopro footage via the gopro app on my phone....but I don't see the same functionality on the gopro player on my macbook?  I feel like I am probably missing something obvious.  Your app is great, don't get me wrong, just not sure why the app seems to be "more powerful" that it's desktop equivalent.


I would like to do the majority of my "post production editing" on my macbook....but it seems like your engineers want me to do post production on my phone.


I tried installing your Quik software - which clearly states it is a legacy program - but it crashed too many times and i just deleted it.



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Re: gopro stickers for desktop

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Re: gopro stickers for desktop

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Hi @activestor47582


Thank you for the feedback. We'll have this shared with the team.

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