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gopro max exporter crash on importing

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Hi, the exporter always silent crash during importing 360 file. here's the details :


- I install fresh windows 10 pro on PC, and install gopro max exporter and HVEC video extensions from microsoft store

- PC spec : AMD A10-5800K 3.8Ghz, RAM DDR3 8GB, NVIDIA GT730 2GB

- everytime I try to import the 360 file from local drive and tethered gopro max always get the same result, crash after 3-4 seconds with no error code.

- I've tried to re-install the windows 10 and all the apps, directx 12, jre 8, even the codec pack, and still got no clue.

- when i open the gopro max exporter, all buttons and radio buttons is inactive except the import button.



how to fix this?

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Re: gopro max exporter crash on importing

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I'm having the exact same issue. Earlier versions of the exporter that worked would appear to freeze or become unresponsive but if I waited for a few minutes the exporter would start working. This is probably due to my crappy computer.  Version doesn't wait around it crashes a couple of seconds after clicking ok to import a file.


I am also running a fresh install of windows 10 fully updated, Nvidia 1060 drivers up to date, HEVC codec installed. I did all this trying to make the exporter work. Oh well at least the rest of the computer is running well.


I'm also happy to inform you GoPro that I cost you a sale of the MAX yesterday. I was talking to my nephew and he mentioned being interested in the GoPro max. I passed on my experiences with the Max exporter and mentioned that he will need Adobe Premiere to edit the files in the very unlikely event he is able to do so. Needless to say he crossed the MAX off his list and starting looking at an insta 360. It's quite possible he will also relay this information to his friends.

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Re: gopro max exporter crash on importing

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