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go pro fusion studio not recognising media from desktop

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I am trying to upload media i have imported onto my desktop (following the steps all resources online suggest)

Through the fusion studio's home page I click the right hand option, "Find your 360 files", I click on the folders containing my files, and it flashes for a second saying

"preparing media 100%"... and then literally a spilt second later it disapears and goes back to the orginial screen. 


Connecting my camera and uploading while the camera is tethered works fine, but this is not functional for me as I do not have the capabilty to stay tethered while working with this media, i must work with it from my hardrive. 

I have updated my operating system, and uninstalled and reinstalled the fusion app ( working with fusion 1.3)


I am working with :

Mac OS X Yosemeite 10.10.5

2.5GHz Intel corei7

16GB 1600 MHx ddr3 memory

AMD Radeon R9 M370X 2048 MB Graphics


I would really appriciate some help, as i have had to buy two new memory cards for my trip as i do not want to format this memory card until I know for certain I can work with the footage from my hardrive. 

Thank you






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Re: go pro fusion studio not recognising media from desktop

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This is very unusual.  What version of Fusion Studio are you using?  Have you tried using the Beta version of GoPro Fusion Studio?

Fusion Studio 1.4 (Beta): 

When you copy the files over to your hard drive, are you copying "all" the files and are you creating two seperate folders (back and front) for each of the memory cards?

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Re: go pro fusion studio not recognising media from desktop

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I have having the same problem.  I followed every direction exactly but Fusion can only seem to locate the files when they are on the camera.  Which means I can't ever clear out the card and I can't edit anything without the camera connected.  I saw this same issue posed multiple times and at least one time it was marked "solved" but the person who wrote the answer didn't even answer the question that was asked.  Oh and BTW the link in the answer above is invalid.

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Re: go pro fusion studio not recognising media from desktop

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Hello @tishs04512 ,


Try this FusionStudio_Mac_HighSierra_140RC2_2018-12-20.dmg for downloading the Beta version of the Fusion Studio.  Once you have the latest version of Fusion Studio installed, check and see if the other ways of importing media to Fusion Studio will work. Let us know how it goes.