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error code then all files are lost

I place card into PC, it tries to load. it then comes up with an error code, tells me disc not in, then it drops out and when it comes back the SD card has strange files on it. it then drops out again and all the files are gone except for the strange files. 

it has happened on two SD cards form two seperate go pro. you can not say it is the SD card like you comment in other blogs.  

I have virus protection on laptop. and i says i dont have any viruses.


also i have windows ten and i can not load go pro studio only the go pro quik.

I have lost important work promtion videos, what do we do..?

Please Help



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Re: error code then all files are lost

Hello @badorourke. GoPro Studio has long been retired that is why you are only able to download and install Quik for desktop. What is the brand, capacity and classification of the SD Cards that you have tested? Also, which camera models do you have? We would also like to know what specific error code or strange files you got so we have a better understanding of what is going on. A screenshot will be very helpful. 


If you have not done it yet, try un-installing, then re-installing Quik. You can download it anew from here . Let us know how it goes.