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Re: do not see files to import

Thank you, but the issue is not that I do not know how to add the files, it is that they do not show up in Quick at all, as if they do not exist. The list shows the fold but the folder is empty.


I can add them to other editting software just not Quick. I discontinued my Plus membership and I have resorted to using a different software. Still silly that my GoPro files do not show up in Quick but they show up everywheere else.


Thanks again,






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Re: do not see files to import

I agree with you in the sense that it is odd for the GoPro files to not show up in Quik, @epicsand2166 . And these files were not renamed, edited, or converted to a format other than the original, right? We would like to get this resolved so you can maximize the use of Quik, even without the Plus membership. If you prefer, you can get in touch with our Support team for a more personalized support. You can reach them via phone or chat through . Thanks!