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connection a gopro quick impossible


quand je lance quick,il me demande mes codes pour la connection et lorsque je les rentres,il ne se passe rien,il tourne en continue sans pouvoir m'identifier,j'avais réussi a me conecter une seule fois il y a 3 semaines ,juste au debut de mon achat et depuis impossible,il a fallu que je désinstalle quik et que je le réinstalle une fois pour qu'il marche mais je vais pas faire ça a chaque fois,j'ai essayé toutes les méthodes données et aucune ne marche,je possede une hero 7 silver merci pour l'aide.

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Re: connection a gopro quick impossible

Hello @fielas. While the "Authenticating" message is appearing, wait 15 seconds, then close Quik for desktop. Then turn off your Wi-Fi connection, then re-enable. (Connect your computer via Ethernet cable rather than Wi-fi if possible.) Now reopen Quik for desktop and see if you can log in. On some occasions, the program will open immediately.  


You may also try the following steps in addition to the suggestions above: 

  1. Close Quik for desktop 
  2. Open Windows Explorer by pressing Windows key + E 
  3. Click the View tab at the top of this window and make sure the box next to "Show hidden files" is checked 
  4. Navigate to C:\Users\<Your Username>\AppData\Local and delete the "GoPro" folder 
  5. Restart Quik for desktop and see if the issue persists 


Additionally, you may attempt to reset the app by following these steps: 

  1. Open Quik for desktop 
  2. While on the login screen, select the "Help" tab above the Quik for desktop window 
  3. Select "Restart with default settings" 
  4. A modal will appear saying "Are you sure?". Click "Restart" once more. 
  5. Quik for desktop will close and reopen. Quik for desktop will appear as if you installed it for the first time. 
  6. Go to the login screen and input your credentials. You should then be able to login successfully.