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Re: can't import files to quik from desktop


Hi @patricman


Quik for Desktop will only read native GoPro mp4.files.


Can I add 3rd party videos/photos in Quik for desktop?

  • You cannot add any 3rd party media files into Quik for desktop. It will only find the original SOURCE files coming from a GoPro camera. 

For reference you may check: Quik for desktop Common Questions




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Re: can't import files to quik from desktop

I am having the same problem with gopro 7 black footage.  I have created c:\work and it contains 3 files, 1 from a gopro 4, 1 from my mavic drone and 1 from the gopro 7 black.  The ONLY file it recognizes is the gopro 4 file.


Great job - wish I didn't spend half an hour with tech support digging my windows build apart.


Fix the bug thanks!

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Re: can't import files to quik from desktop

Just wanted to add that I'm also having this issue.


I have a GoPro Hero 7 Black. I saved Clips from longer vidoes (4k 60 FPS) from the GoPro using the GoPro Android app. Now, I can't open those Clip files in Quick on Windows 10. I've transferred them from my phone to a folder on the computer and tried adding that folder, but the Quick program doesn't find anything there. I've tried adding the GoPro folder on the phone itself to the Quick desktop program but it won't add that folder at all.


I deleted the longer video files from the GoPro SD card to free up space for more videos. So now I have content that I created on a GoPro, saved with the GoPro app, and that I now can't open in the GoPro Quick editing program.


You know how much sense that makes? None.


Get it right.

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Re: can't import files to quik from desktop

You Know GO PRO company!!!!! You are acting with customers like with a trash. Give us a normal answer. You see that people asking the same... why you telling all that *hit???? So huge company can't deal with this problem...???? :D funny... And why you say that we cant use 4K 60fps media on PC and NO media from other devices.... DID YOU KNEW that it's possible to do this on phone application!!!! It's really funny to read your excuses!!!! As in my case, I cant import even photos :DDD

Make some updates for that or just remove Quik from PC platform.

I bought your product so please DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you


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Re: can't import files to quik from desktop

Hi guys,

First of all I would like to thank GoPro for not giving a **bleep**. What is the point of selling cameras if you can't see the videos afterward!?

I have the same irritating problem as everybody else. Transferred my videos from my gopro to the android phone to save some space on my sd. Then copied my video's form my phone to desktop(W10).

But I found a 'solution'!

Go to you online account > Add media > drop the video files > upload them > open your GoPro Quick on you desktop => tadaaa!!!

This was the only way I could look at my video's on my desktop.


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Re: can't import files to quik from desktop

Was having a similar issue not being able to import media from the desktop but accidentaly fixed my issue.


From settings -> MEDIA FOLDERS click the "SCAN" option for the folder you are trying to import the media from.


Low and behold there were my files.



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Re: can't import files to quik from desktop


Hi @davea7377,


Thanks for sharing. That would help other users. 




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Re: can't import files to quik from desktop

Seems this is a widespread problem. I have the same problem but even simpler. I attach gopro, download videos into quik, capture clips from videos using quik, save them in a folder to organise and quik will not recognise these saved clips.


The clips are still MP4 because I have checked them all. They have never been onto another computer or laptop or apple or anything.


I havr to use quicktime player to watch them now and had to download a dodgy version of gopro studio online to put together my annual videos as gopro have stopped supporting/providing gopro studio.


Terrrible customer care all round by gopro.