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can't add gauges on mac.

I have a gopro 7 black camera. My camera has GPS activated and the footage is intact (unedited). I tried to import the media and add guages but the guages would not work. I would get a grey mark with a block sign.


How can i fix this issue as i could  not find any proper lead online.


Thanks for your support in advance !

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Re: can't add gauges on mac.

Hello @heroicvist254


We have raised the issue between Quik for desktop and GPS.

In the meantime, you can use the GoPro app (mobile).

Or third party applications like Dashware or Racerender.



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Re: can't add gauges on mac.



When the Hero7 footage can't display gauges it's because either:

A) The camera failed to acquire a GPS lock with the satellites before the recording started.

B) The GPS signal was too weak and Quik decides to discard the data to avoid showing incorrect speeds or locations.


To find out whether it's A or B, you can use this tool:
If your file shows a "GPS (lat, lon, speed)" button, your video has SOME data, so the issue is B. If it doesn't your issue is A.

If A, you can get some tips on how to acquire a better GPS signal here:

If B, you can export your GPS data to edit your video in another software like Virb Edit or After Effects, or you can use the GPS Quick Fix app I created to "amplify" any data present in your video and enable the gauges in Quik:

I hope this helps.

GoPro GPS not working? Enable the gauges overlay with the GPS Quick Fix tool: Telemetry Extractor free: Frequently Asked Questions: ...
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Re: can't add gauges on mac.



Any idea when a patch to this bug could be released ? Thanks :)