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Windows Player can only save as equirectangular?!?!

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I can make a tiny planet, but I can't Save As a tiny planet?   This is for stills, not video, on Windows 10.


Am I missing something?


The mobile app saves a disappointingly small file, so I'd like to do it on desktop.  But the Player app only exports as an equirectangular.
I've seen that the Mac version has a Reframe button.  When is this coming to the Windows version?


This app is very frustrating and discouraging.    A low resolution screenshot cannot be the only answer.



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Re: Windows Player can only save as equirectangular?!?!

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Hello @frankr48222


Are you getting an option to change the aspect ratio before exporting?

Would you be able to share a sample file?

Please note that you cannot modify or render PowerPano photos.





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Re: Windows Player can only save as equirectangular?!?!

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I'm using Windows 10 desktop app version

When I open the Player, and drag an equirectangular photo which I copied from the micro-SD card into the app, then mouse over the upper right are of the app, and the bottom, I do not see the option to change aspect ratio like I do in the mobile app.    Also, nothing appears in the bottom area of the app.


I can move the image around, but the only menu options are disabled for File: Export As.    The only option is SaveAs, which just gives me the same equirectangular photo back.

I have not seen a way to save a modified photo from the Player.

I have not been trying to edit the PowerPano photos in the Player.

I've seen from Mac users that they can do this.    Will this functionality be added to the Windows version?  Without it, processing stills is impossible.

I tried attaching an example file, but the maxiumum file size for this forum is smaller than the files from the Max.