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Wifi Download of files

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Is there any way to download from a Hero7 black to a desktop via WiFi?  I can't believe there's no way to do this!


I am doing a long timelapse (several weeks) via a series of individual photos controlled via a BlinkX.  I have the GoPro firmly mounted on a tripod that I don't want to disturb.  It is connected to the mains, but has no battery in it (as recommended) and I would like to download the images somehow via WiFi - either to a laptop or the cloud.


- Quik doesn't work as you need a cable (or to remove the card), neither of which is possible

- GoPro Plus Autoupload doesn't work as you need to have a battery installed and at full capacity for it to work (which is frustrating when the GoPro is connected to the mains)

- Connecting to the GoPro using doesn't seem to work with the Hero 7

- I can't download to my phone with the GoPro App as the files are enormous vs the capacity of my phone


So I have a GoPro 7 I can connect to fine via WiFi, but seemingly no way to download files off the SD card - which is crazy!

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Re: Wifi Download of files

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Please see information on your other post @bravebluff12644