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Why is GoPro Tech Support so Incompetent?

Has anyone else had a horrible experience with tech support from GoPro? I've literally been on the phone now for well over an hour and have made no progress. My tech support agent has asked me one question, proceeded to put me on hold for 5 minutes, come back and given me a solution that is irrelevant to my problem.


i.e. What version of Windows are you using? *5 minutes of holding time* "I believe the solution to your problem is that you need to restart your computer."


My Quik software is freezing after playing a video for 1 sec. It is incredibly aggravating because I cannot seem to get a solution to my problem and the GoPro tech support team doesn't seem to know how to fix it. Is there anyone else out there that has experienced similar incompetence?

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Re: Why is GoPro Tech Support so Incompetent?

Dear David,


I contacted tech support a few weeks ago and they were really helpful.


As someone who has done this type of work, please understand that most of us try our best to resolve issues that are brought before us. Please be patient with them. Please also keep in mind that they are physically not there to help you and are unable to see the issues first hand.


When you are trying to convey the problem to the specialist, please be sure to provide clear and abundant information. The more information you provide, the better idea where the problem may be. If the issue isn't a known problem, they'll probably be making educated guesses on what the issue may be.


When contacting them, provide abundant and relevant information:


Operating System?

GoPro software version?

Information on where the issue is happening? Is there an error message? What feature were you using when trying to use the software? Etc.


I've found that Quik is a bit sluggish on my system. Not sure why. And I have relatively new and fast system. Could be the software... Could be my computer system...