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Why does your desktop app not communicate with your GoPros?

Dear GoiPro engineers:

The most important thing anyone wants is to do with a GoPro is get their footage out of the GoPro. Right?

This is the most complex and frustrating task imaginable. Your desktop app should communicate with the GoPro and let the user access and transfer files to the computer.

Instead, to be able to transfer the files to the computer, one must first transfer their footage into the GoPro app for horizon leveling, then transfer it into the iPhone Photos achive.

This is not possible because the GoPro files are so large, extra steps need to be taken to make sufficient space available for this task.

I had to delete everything on my iPhone and still buy a subscription service for cloud storage from Apple just to get the footage into Photos on my iPhone.  

Then, I had to download a third party app called SimpleTransfer to get the files out of Photos. This was not simple. I had to search the internet to find out how to get the "download" button to appear.   

Finally, after an hour, I was able to get the footage onto my computer after jumping through this crazy series of hoops. 

Why didn't you make it possible for the GoPro desktop app to access the GoPo via USB or WiFi connection?

Did you think the current method of using third party apps and intermediate servers and cloud storage was easier?

The cuerrent system is like using a motorized pulley system to pull up your socks.


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Re: Why does your desktop app not communicate with your GoPros?

Please disregard. I found the right app.